There are, to my mind, very few situations where it is acceptable to consume tasteless, boring, ugly or generally unappetising food. (I try to only travel with decent and flavoursome snacks, so if I get stuck in a blizzard and am likely to die of starvation at least my last meal won’t be shitty peanut infested trail mix, it’ll be that yummy stuff with proper nuts and lots of dried figs and bits of dark chocolate).

My usual day usually involves waking up thinking about tea or coffee (or both) and breakfast, followed by wondering what will be for lunch, followed by anticipation of a tasty dinner (preferably with a good, or at least very cheap, glass of wine). Of course the day is also punctuated with various idyls on what might be consumed later in the week or when a new destination is reached.

Below is an index of recipes on this blog. Generally speaking, all are suitable for camp cooking in that they require minimal utensils and fairly common and cheap ingredients.

Easy dhal recipe
Broad bean and goats cheese pasta
Tuna Pasta (that is actually tasty)
Barley Delicious
Niçoise Salad (camp style)

There are a lot more (mostly vegan) ideas on my instagram @melissamieow