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Koh Yao Noi, a quiet climbing holiday in Southern Thailand

Posted on December 26, 2015

Koh Yao Noi floats in the sultry blue of Thailand’s southern Andaman Sea, a quiet little island with some great rock climbing. We caught the regular ferry over from the mainland, which is an oversized wooden long-tail laden with locals and their goods (notably, an enormous bag of raw chicken wings). It takes about an hour and is a really beautiful ride. Hundreds of island rise steeply out of the water in this area – limestone monoliths topped with abundant shaggy jungle. Many of the cliff faces are cut in at their base by the sea – from a distance (particularly at low tide) they look like so many marbles rolled carelessly into a clear, still, puddle. Compared to neighbouring islands like Phi Phi,…


Posted on August 8, 2015

In the Frankenjura (or, Franconian Switzerland, if you will) the state of bucolic bliss is occasionally interrupted with grunts and squeals.  You would be forgiven for wondering what had upset the wild boar, but in fact this is the ritual call of the ascending (or rapidly descending) sport climber. The last time we visited we had stayed in Egloffstein, which is a gorgeous little village, complete with tiny castle.  As we had the van, this trip we stayed in forests and tucked away meadows.  I love the area, it is just so incredibly pretty: there are sweet little farms, fields of ripening wheat and barley, lowing fat cattle, dripping fruit trees, forests of beech, steep valleys and spires of rock. There is a ridiculous…


Posted on August 9, 2014

Near Lake Terradets in Catalunya, northern Spain, there are a number of worthwhile crags and a fabulous camping spot. The Climber and I wound our way up to the area from Margalef in late spring and camped a few days in the Cellar’s train station carpark. Here we met up with Mark-from-the-carpark, a muscle bound Englishman with the cheekiest smile ever seen outside of a toddler’s playgroup. He and the Climber had a terrible effect on each other’s humour, the conversation swiftly devolving to puns concerning defecation. Fortunately these were delivered in amusing accents, as they had for some unknown reason both developed gay German designer personas. The car park is one of the most convenient that we have stayed in. There is a…


Posted on July 9, 2014

Cabacés is a pretty little Catalan village nestled in the folds of the Monstant range. It features the delightful winding streets, timeless public water fountains, tall church tower and vine trellised warm stone buildings so common in the area. Els Solans is the nearest crag and its grey red rock dominates the village from above. The travelling dirt bag climber and accompanying wife will find pleasant free overnight van parking either just before the footbridge up to the crag (a little lopsided for perfect slumber) or about two minutes before the village, as one approaches from La Viella Baixa. The later was our preference. There is plenty of flat parking and some shady trees a little way off the main road, making for a…

Climbing Chulilla

Posted on March 17, 2014

Chulilla is about 45 minutes inland from Valencia and boasts a gorgeous canyon, picturesque white washed village, hill top castle ruins and (of course, or why would we go?) awesome sport climbing. We drove down from Mother’s Garden to meet up with a robotics obsessed Slovenian (Roboslov?). Nobody seems to mind the gaggle of VW’s parked up from the village for days on end, which allows for a very cheap stay (toilets and wifi can be found in the cafe in the village). The canyon is very beautiful, tall pink red walls dipping down into the creator river – clear and clean and cold. We were there just as the rosemary and wild irises were coming into flower. Climbing-wise there is heaps of hard…