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In sickness and in Health (Part I)

Posted on August 31, 2015

On a quiet morning in the dappled light of the pine forest, the Climber and I made our way through the raspberries (nibbling quite a few on the way) to a little crag in the Frankenjura.  It’s a very pretty spot, tall trees above and a springy carpet of pine needles below.  The rock was a bit damp from the light overnight rain but not wet. The Climber did a few laps on some of the harder stuff (easy for him) and I tested out my lead head with a few 5a+’s.  I felt awesome!  Sure it’s easy climbing (the jugs were big enough for wildflowers to grown in) but it felt so good to not be vomitusly terrified.  I ended the day tired…


Posted on August 8, 2015

In the Frankenjura (or, Franconian Switzerland, if you will) the state of bucolic bliss is occasionally interrupted with grunts and squeals.  You would be forgiven for wondering what had upset the wild boar, but in fact this is the ritual call of the ascending (or rapidly descending) sport climber. The last time we visited we had stayed in Egloffstein, which is a gorgeous little village, complete with tiny castle.  As we had the van, this trip we stayed in forests and tucked away meadows.  I love the area, it is just so incredibly pretty: there are sweet little farms, fields of ripening wheat and barley, lowing fat cattle, dripping fruit trees, forests of beech, steep valleys and spires of rock. There is a ridiculous…