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Review: Panormitis Studios

Posted on July 26, 2013

Panormitis Studios are a family run set of studio apartments, terraced into the Kalymnian hillside just outside of Massouri. The staff (which as far as I saw consisted of the uncle with the awesome bouffant hair-do and the endlessly working nephew – probably more family behind the scenes) were extremely helpful and friendly. It was no problem to call us a cab or explain the mysteries of fast growning Kalymnian plants. The rooms are basic but clean and airy. Only a few of the rooms seem to feature a double bed but the singles can be easily pushed together. It’s a bit warm in southern Greece for snuggling up anyway. The bathrooms are the irritating greek/turkish style where everything gets wet becasue there is…

Multipitching in Kalymnos: ‘Wild Country’ on Telendos

Posted on July 12, 2013

While it is primarily known as a single pitch sport mecca, Kalymnos also offers a few enjoyable multipitching excursions. Early one morning we stumbled out of bed and out the door enroute to Wild Country, a nine pitch adventure on the south face of Telendos Island. We met our climbing buddies for the day (the Doctor and the Norwegian) by the hotel gate and were sped to the dock by the Doctor’s wife (confusingly enough, another Doctor). Sadly, at that unreasonable hour no cafes were open and so our caffeine needs went unmet. On the little wooden jetty a small fishing boat was waiting to take us to the seaward side of Telendos Island. The boat was a picturesque white with jaunty blue trimming.…

Kalymnos to Telendos swim

Posted on May 23, 2013

The sea around Kalymnos, especially off the beaches of Massouri, is heavenly. It is about a kilometre across to Telendos, the island that peeps into the background of all the famous climbing photos from the Grande Grotto. We had enjoyed a few little dips at the beaches but hadn’t had a ‘proper’ swim. So on a rest day the Ginger hired himself a kayak and, beer in hand, he chaperoned me as I swam across. I think the people watching from the beach were a little confused about why he wasn’t letting me in the boat. It was a beautiful and still day and the water looked like glass from the beach. Even in the water it was remarkably calm, only a few little…