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Easy dhal recipe – ideal for camping

Posted on April 24, 2013

This is a very easy and reasonably quick dhal to make – the cooking smell will drive all those cooking their 20th night of pasta-with-jar-of-tomato-sauce completely nuts.   Ingredients: Lentils (I used a standard brown lentil but a combination of masoor dahl and brown lentils would be lovely) Onion Garlic Oil Desiccated coconut (not essential but really makes the dish) Chilli (fresh or powdered to taste) water Packet of mystery spices that sound more or less indian – using the number of other packets to assist translation we discerned that ours contained black pepper, cinnamon, cumin and a bunch of other unknowns. If you travel with a spice rack and mortar and pestle toast these whole (along with the coconut) and then grind. Otherwise…

Broad bean, goat’s cheese and (not) orecchiette

Posted on April 24, 2013

Nigel Slater has a wonderful recipe for broad bean and ricotta orecchiette that I’ve made at home (although we tweaked it to include a bucket of butter and lots of lemon juice – mint also worked). While at the local markets near Geyikbayiri last sunday I came across bags of very fresh looking broad beans – the pods already removed. So I decided to recreate the dish – camp cooking style (which is, in fact more or less the same but involves a lot more pot juggling).   Ingredients: Broad beans Pasta (any kind will do really, if you’re not in Puglia and or have no access to a decent shop. I used penne from the donations bin) Butter/oil (preferably both) Garlic Cheese (we…