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Benefit Brow Bars

Posted on March 2, 2014

Now, I am certainly not against sampling local talents when it comes to goods and services (food, in particular) but I can do without the gut churning fear of having your face turned a follicle disaster zone by an over-enthusiastic eyebrow stylist. At home I became something of a devotee of Benefit Brow Bars, knowing that each time I visited I would end up with perfectly styled brows. Admittedly they are wildly expensive, especially considering that you are sitting in the middle of a mall (eyebrows are bad enough but they offer upper lip waxing as well – who the hell would get their moustache fuzz waxed with an audience!!??). But anyway, the take home message is that the perfectly styled brow thing happens…

Best hairstylist in Milan

Posted on February 26, 2014




Disclaimer: I have not actually visited every salon in Milan. In fact Six Inch Salon is the only salon that I have visited in Milan, Italy, and continental Europe (unless you count Turkey which, incidentally, provided me with the single worst salon experience of my life). Nevertheless, if they are not the best in Milan, then the best must be pretty mind blowingly awesome.


My walking companion and I arrived somewhat bedraggled in the second city of European fashion (or first, I have seen Parisians in ugly sportswear) and decided to do a bit of sightseeing. Unfortunately, only having our walking clothes with us, we attracted a lot of unwanted attention on the street, and not the wolfwhistle/inappropriate comment sort of attention, more like well-dressed-old-ladies-staring-at-my-ugly-shoes kind of attention. So we thought that perhaps a fresh hairstyle would make us feel and look slightly more presentable.


We were fortunate I suppose that in that most of Milan was closed for the holidays, with the exception of Six Inch which had just reopened. It meant that we could walk in off the street without a booking and be lucky enough to have both of us attended to.


Having not thoroughly inspected my dear walking companions tresses, I couldn’t say what sort of condition they were in. My hair was definitely a disgusting split-endy, dry at the ends, oily at the scalp, no-shape mess.


I basically just wanted a trim and a tidy up which bores most stylists senseless, and yet it is very rarely done as well as it can be. At Six Inch we had a nice chat about how I wanted a boring hair cut and we were then treated to delightful shampoo and conditioning treatments, including an indescribably lovely head massage. I sipped my (actually hot!) cup of tea while the friendly and professional stylist went to work. She did a pretty fantastic job. Then the owner of the salon (a rather dishy fellow) gave me the blow dry to end all blow dries. The man was a genius. I walked out after my boring trim and tidy up and felt like a million dollars, despite my still grubby clothes and burnt lips and dodgy knee. The shiny/bouncyness lasted for weeks and the shape took a good four months of being totally uncared for to end up shaggy again. I was very very happy.


The price was quite reasonable as well, I can’t remember exactly how much it was but with a treatment I think it came to about $A80, which is about $40 cheaper than my usual overpriced city hairstylist and an even better result. If you are in Milan, check them out at via Madonnina 13 in Milan or at



Top five things that you need for a camping trip (that you didn’t know you needed)

Posted on November 9, 2013

Disclaimer: you do not actually need any of the items on this list to go camping. 1. IPL. Yes, that’s right, intense pulsed light laser therapy. You need to permanently remove all of your unwanted body hair before you go camping. This might sound a little extreme, after all couldn’t you shave while you’re away or wax beforehand or just live with a bit of fuzz? Sure you can if you are one of those lucky blondes or red heads or darker skinned people born with the extremely undervalued genetic advantage of virtually no visible body hair. You people can throw caution to the wind and skip off into the sunset of camping adventures with never a thought for your poor fair-skinned-dark-haired friends. They…

Product Review: La Sportiva Mythos

Posted on May 23, 2013

Most. Comfortable. Climbing. Shoes. Ever. These babies were first released in 1991 and a special 20th Anniversary Edition (in a slightly bizarre brown and sparkly gold) was issued to mark the occasion a few years ago. Personally, I opted for the prettier standard issue women’s shoe which comes in a very fetching mint. The shoes have a fancy lace up design which means that they are very snug on, without squashing your feet: your toes will love you. The leather is very soft and supple and feels lovely on your feet. I cannot emphasis enough how comfortable these shoes are – I can quite happily stand around and or climb in them all day long. They are perfect for long multi-pitching days if you…

Product Review: Scarpa Thunder Women’s Climbing Shoes

Posted on May 23, 2013

These are the most uncomfortable climbing shoe I have ever worn. I have no idea how I was talked into buying them. I was after a slightly more technical shoe that my comfy beginner boots but really the only selling point of the Thunders is their nice rich plum colour. However, having focused so much hatred on those stupid shoes I now loathe the sight of anything plum-like. They didn’t actually start off that badly. The first few times I wore them I was enchanted by all the lovely rubber that my new shoes had and figured that the intense pain in my big toes would eventually subside as I wore them in (I am in fact a big gir’s blouse when it comes…


Posted on May 5, 2013

Josito is a climbing campsite in the heart of the Geyikbayiri climbing area. It’s run by a bunch of Germans, and features a certain-difficult-to-pinpoint but quite definitely Teutonic flavour. This is not necessarily a positive thing if you are looking for a relaxing break. On the other hand, the seasonal staff – a mix of locals and travelling climbers – are extremely friendly and keen to please. The situation is ideal – the campsite in held in the bowl of the valley’s hand and is surrounded by picturesque (and eminently climbable) cliffs. The campsite is green and leafy and in late spring (the end of the climbing season) has some amazing red roses in bloom. As well as camping (you can hire a tent…