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Mola de Colldejou

Posted on March 15, 2014

Sometime in winter I decided that it would be a good idea to walk up la Mola, the limestone cliff fringed mountain that rises towards the sea from Mother’s Garden. Of course these kinds of expeditions are always more fun with a friend, and so I invited Joe to come along. He had done it before, and even camped on the windswept top, but was reasonably keen to go again (after a bit of begging). Our preparations involved some serious sandwich making and an amusing debate between Joe and his mother concerning the necessity of taking a warm jacket with one, when attempting to hike up a mountain in the middle of winter. I’ll let you guess who prevailed. I think you could summit…


Posted on March 10, 2014

Calçots are a kind of leek-like vegetable that are, by some fortuitous quirk, completely and utterly perfect to barbecue on open flames. I have no idea if they are available anywhere other than Spain but I will certainly be sorting through seed guides when I get home, to find out. The Catalans certainly take their favourite scallion quite seriously. Here in Tarragona there are annual calçotades, festivals dedicated to the calçot, where you basically stuff yourself with them until you can’t take any more. The calçotade of the town of Valls is supposed to be particularly impressive – with eating competitions, liquors made of the much loved vegetable and general festivity. Apparently you can smell the cooking calçots for kilometers. Yum. If you want…