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Walking near Siurana, la ruta dels refugis

Posted on March 16, 2014

My darling Climber had, by a certain stage, an overwhelming need to go climbing. In light of my abject misery while previously belaying in the arctic temperatures in Siurana, he had the forethought to find a climbing partner for the weekend. This could not be said to be truly altruistic: I had heard loud grumbles to the effect that my shivering was interfering with his onsight ability. Hrumpf. So I had four whole days to myself and, with the assistance of a map purchased down in Reus, I decided to tackle la ruta dels refugis, a four day circuit that passes through Siurana. The day three leg looked ridiculously long (about 35 km of steep ascent and descent) but I figured that if I…

Climbing in Siurana

Posted on March 9, 2014

The fairytale hamlet of Siurana is perched on a clifftop, just below the remains of a Moorish castle. In winter the narrow cobblestone streets are crowded with lost mountain winds but bereft of people. Wandering alone through the little lane-ways you’ll soon find the solid and stark grey stone Church. A little more wandering and you’ll come across the refugi, a true refuge here from the cold and swirling damp. Climbing-wise, the area is famous for it’s sport routes and considered (according to the guide book) as one of the best climbing areas in the world. The first routes were established in the 1980’s and new routes are still being established today…beware of enthusiastic new-routers cleaning rocks off onto the ground below. There are…