So Niçoise Salad is freaking delicious. It also, traditionally, (well, at least the Julia Child’s version) has way too many ingredients for camp cooking. On the other hand, you can easily pick and mix the ingredients and it will still end up completely delicious: the boiled egg is about the only thing that isn’t optional. I’ve tested this theory with what feels like hundreds of permutations – so long as you have at least two other ingredients with the egg it is going to be tasty.

Essential ingredient:
Egg/s (I like them cooked a bit over soft boiled and served warm but you can easily hard boil them and carry them cooked with you on your walk/to the crag)

Optional ingredients:
Tuna (canned in olive oil is preferable…well actually fresh tuna grilled to rare is preferable!)
Anchovies (either or with tuna, not both)
Potato (ideally chat potatoes boiled and then rolled in garlic butter and served warm but any boiled or baked potato will do – note that purists don’t allow potato…or any cooked vegetables)
Green beans and parsley or anything green (broccoli, salad greens etc – note again that purists do not allow cooked vegetables, I will just say that blanched broccoli is delicious, that’s all I’m saying)
Red onion (very thinly sliced)
Tomato (usually salted)
Olives (niçoise ones are preferable but really, any are more than fine)
Vinaigrette (usually a good vinegar and olive oil – lemon is also good – if you don’t have oiled tuna vinaigrette of some kind is kind of essential.

Chuck everything together and eat – the only exception is if you are pre-making it, in which case add everything except the egg which you can add at your destination.