Most. Comfortable. Climbing. Shoes. Ever.

These babies were first released in 1991 and a special 20th Anniversary Edition (in a slightly bizarre brown and sparkly gold) was issued to mark the occasion a few years ago. Personally, I opted for the prettier standard issue women’s shoe which comes in a very fetching mint.

The shoes have a fancy lace up design which means that they are very snug on, without squashing your feet: your toes will love you. The leather is very soft and supple and feels lovely on your feet. I cannot emphasis enough how comfortable these shoes are – I can quite happily stand around and or climb in them all day long. They are perfect for long multi-pitching days if you don’t want sore pinched feet.

These are also perfect shoes for beginners: the whole insanely painful tiny shoe thing can put people off climbing (who can concentrate when their feet are killing?) and these avoid that problem. Allegedly they are also great for crack climbing, because of the low profile, but as I never climb cracks *shiver of dread* I can’t say for sure.

On the downside you really can’t edge in these shoes: if you try you are going to very quickly (and sadly) run out of rubber. So when you want to stand on teeny weeny little foot holds you’re probably going to want to have a different pair of shoes on hand. Probably a pair that hurt.