I am not usually a huge fan of canned tuna; it’s not exactly a refined or delicate flavour and it kind of stinks. The idea of tuna pasta, in particular, brings up vomitious memories of that revolting tuna mornay muck that made squelching noises when poked with a tentative fork and was impossible to swallow. On the other hand, tuna is unarguably deliciously salty, packs a protein punch and can be easily carried. It, along with it’s fair friend Ms Pasta, are also usually fairly cheap and widely available. So what to do with it?

Pasta (preferably fettuccini or even spaghetti at a pinch – spirals are far to evocative of mornay)
Can of tuna (if at all possible get the one that is in olive oil – carrying brine around with you is a complete waste of packing space and weight)
Something green – broccoli or green beans are fantastic (make them into long shapes to complement the fettuccini)
Pasta water
Oil (optional – not really necessary so long as you have tuna in oil)
Onion (optional)
Garlic (optional but it is your first line of defence against pretty much everything)

2 pots (or a pot and a pan – you can make it in one pot and use bowls for resting if necessary)
Chopping thing
Serving plates/bowls

Simmer your water and add your greens, once they achieve a ‘bright’ green (about 60 seconds) take them out and rest in a serving bowl. Cook your pasta (if you only have one burner heat the water up to boiling, add the pasta and leave to sit on the side). In the other pan cook your onion and garlic in oil (you can use the oil from your tuna). Once golden add your pasta, greens, tuna, juice from the lemon and pepper to the pan and gently stir. Then (and this is key) if your sauce looks dry, add a little bit of the pasta water (basically just keep adding little bits until the pasta looks glossy and delicious).

A really really tasty meal and quite healthy.